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Goals-Complete all work by Jan 31

project 1, project 2, project 3


Risks-regression risks, interdependcies, loss of SMEs, dispersed teams, outdated tech, few have experience with, dependencies(what is needed

Outcomes-functional system by Jan 31st, 
What is the code complete date?
What is the criteria QA will test against?
Does the acceptance criteria on the stories match what QA needs to test?
Staff ramp up time to learn the systems, what needs modified, will that ramp up time leave enough dev and qa time.
In the past SMES did not need the system learning ramp up time, now we are trying to simulate it by asking the few SMEs that are left to give us hints and point us to the area of the code we need to change. Are there risks to working on code with little understanding of context and interdependencies?
What level of unit tests do we have that can assure our new code is not breaking existing functionality? Regression test? Automated Tests? UI tests?

Successful Scenario

Coding done by January ???
Week time for testing/fixing??
What needs to be tested, is there regression or performance testing that needs done? Are there pipline/deployment changes/additions that need considered?

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