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Surviving in the Post-Agile World: Strategies for Navigating the Death of Agile

Agile, once it moved from being a framework for truly self organized development teams. It, over time was transformed to a micromanagement tool that is still called "scrum or agile". Those of us around in the 2000s knew it during better times.

During the early 2000s writing code was treacherous business. We were often faced with no test, often no source code repositories, requirements coming from various managers with often conflicting deadlines, working directly in production. Agile brought sanity to the situation and the development team had more control of the cadence and quality. We enjoyed peace for a while but then scrum masters morphed into project managers and time tracking replaced iterative development based on feedback.

Agile was exiled like ping pong tables at startup headquarters, still tthere but no one has used them for quite a while.

Agile did not have to fade, we as a development team were afraid to challenge management. We did not stick to our principles. We are now ruled by people mostly incompetent regarding the development of software solutions.

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