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Incoming Learning Rebellion

We don't bring our best and brightest to the education system these days. Yes there are many individual educations doing a great job but sometimes you can't fight city hall. Overall education has become one size fits all and we know that means "It is easier to implement a common system, replicated for all".

I talk with teens and they are keenly aware that most of the current style of education is a waste of their time. Being a self learner is rebellion these days.

If you are a parent and concerned that your child is not being well served there are many resources. Feel free to comment and I will offer some suggestions. Despite what "common wisdom" tells you each family and child has different needs while at the same time reading, writing and logic are the foundations of all the other skills.

Links to further learning on this topic:

There are many more resources and I will list them as I gather them.

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