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Agile-Bugs Swept Under the Rug

In agile bugs don't count, in regard to to the level of work (effort) it takes to meet the requirements of a software development cycle often called a sprint. Small easy to fix bugs don't disrupt the development lifecycle but there are other bugs that when examined closely are really technical debt that is surfacing, missed requirements, or requirements only discovered once the code goes to production.

Many agile teams call anything that occurs at the end of a sprint a bug but are often missing an opportunity to improve their processes by interjecting a "fix asap" bug. "Continuous improvement" is a term used in Agile circles. It means making small changes continuously to improve the development lifecycle and ultimately the final product for the end users. Bugs that are not small or random are signals that something is wrong and the team needs to stop and ponder. Does the trend in bugs being worked on indicate deeper problems, like poorly designed back end database, too little user testing, too few or too weak testing processes, fear of breaking a fragile system?

As you are dealing with bugs stop and think. Are you dealing with a simple bug fix or a larger problem that is snowballing over time?

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