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Interviewing Insights: ABC123 Industries Interview Process Take Aways

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Set Up

During the last few months I have been collecting notes regarding recent software development interviews. I am making these post for other job seekers to be aware of the typical questions being asked and the overall experience. Feel free to comment, I have no intention on exposing the actual companies but would love to help others navigate this interesting yet often frustrating process.

Notes from Interview at ABC123 Industries on 2/20/2023

Prior to the panel interview I was given an online programming questionnaire(about 30 minutes). Several of the entity framework questions were wrong and I informed the recruiter of this. I provided documentation from Microsoft as evidence the answers were not correct. The recruiter said they would consider my input.

Panel Interview structure: two software developers asked approximately 5 to 10 predetermined questions. They read the questions off their screens. Re-read answers back once I answered the questions.

Here are the questions asked that I noted.

1. Compare string to string builder (c#)

2. (linq) look at a piece code (a linq query) try to determine what about it may make it slow (it was .AsIEnumerable) in the middle of the query vs at the end (though sometimes it is done this way for flexibility. The question was worded in an odd way but upon clarification it mad more sense.

3. (c#)Name two type of access modifiers (private, public, internal, protected....

4. (c#)Difference between interface and abstract class

5. What does .include() mean in a linq query

6. What is a navigation property in a linq query

7. (linq, ef)What is .AsNoTracking() in an linq query?

8. (linq, ef)What is the definition of anti-forgery token?

9. What is the difference between ( what is the difference between authorization and authentication?

10. (javascript) difference between (== and ===)

11. (c#) what is the using statement, not at top of class file but used within code

12. (c#) describe asynchronous code.

They asked about a large challenge I solved recently. I described an issue I had getting a large solution with several attached services up and running on my local development machine. (Ended up coordinating with off shore teams and on shore teams to get resolution. Documented the issue so others could benefit from the trouble shooting.)

They did not ask any sql questions, most all interviews ask about the different types of joins in sql this one did not.

Seems they have little coordination with QA which I see as a downside. I was looking for a cross functional team approach, I personally like working side by side with QA.

I asked how they know for sure if the developers are meeting acceptance criteria. I was looking for unit testing, acceptance criteria, valid definition of done, tight coordination with the business and QA.

They emphasized how they don't touch production environments, their work is passed on to a deployment team.

They had a tendency to give answers to questions or read the correct answer prior to the response being finished. Advice to next person, keep answers short.

I asked about team composition and how they perform agile if they do agile. Answers back were not detailed so most likely daily standups, sprints, tracking work in azdo(Azure Dev Ops). Did not seem real interested in the topic.

All of their questions were typical .net interview questions.

The team manager did not ask any questions but responded to a few of my questions.

In Retrospective

In retrospective the interview was pleasant but a few questions in I knew it was not a fit. I question whether I should have cut it short but I don't feel that is professional. I am open to changing my mind about that.


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